22nd March - National day of prayer about the coronavirus crisis

A call to pray about the coronavirus crisis has been issued by the presidents of the ecumenical grouping Churches Together in England: the Archbishop of Canterbury, the RC Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, the Moderator of the Free Churches, the CTE president for the Orthodox Churches, and the CTE Pentecostal president, and is supported by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, Cytûn, the Church of Scotland, and the Evangelical Alliance. For more information, click here.
Daily resources

Something for each day

New Counties Connect
Counties have launched their new video channel 'Counties Connect' with a series of weekday 'Life Connect' devotionals. Hosted on YouTube and Facebook, the videos aim to encourage and equip Christians with digital resources which dig deeper into the Bible, evangelism and explore topical issues. Click here to watch all the shows on YouTube.
Word Live
Word Live from Scripture Union is a free, online guide, helping you meet with God devotionally – through the Bible. Each day uses a new Bible passage with fresh resources to refresh your quiet time with God.
Prayer and Support requests

Prayer and Support requests

Click here to submit a request for prayer or support. You can choose whether the request appears here, on the password protected members only page of this website, or is just for the attention of our church leaders. For the members only password protected page, click here.
Sailors' Society
Sailor's Society are highlighting the difficulties and risks that seafarers face due to the COVID-19 crisis. Please remember Steve Loader who is chaplain to seafarers at Portbury and Avonmouth Docks. Click here for more information.
Church still open

How to go to church during lockdown

Although church buildings in Nailsea are closed, Church is still here for you.
Click here for details of the continuing online provision from the churches in the area.
Sing Resurrection

Easter Sunday - Sing Resurrection

A counter-infection of joy and hope for Easter Day

Easter Sunday 2020 will be an Easter Sunday like no other before it. We cannot sing the great Easter hymns inside our churches, but...
At 10:00am on Easter Sunday 12th April 2020 Christians Together in England call on all who want to celebrate the resurrection to go outside and sing Jesus Christ is Risen Today and Thine be the Glory at the top of their voices! For more information (including suggested wording of a letter to send to neighbours beforehand), click here.
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Worth a watch

New Church Connect
This new video show which aims to equip and encourage churches in evangelism and mission, has been launched by Counties. It will go live at 12:30pm every Friday lunchtime but will be available to watch anytime on both Facebook and YouTube.
New Nicky and Pippa Gumbel talk to Rick and Kay Warren about hope in the midst of grief, depression and loss. Click here to watch this on YouTube.
Zion church in Sri Lanka was bombed on Easter Sunday 2019. One year on, Pastor Roshan made a video message. Click here to watch his full 8 minute message, and click here for the shorter edited version which was used in the Southfield Live service on 26th April.
Edwin Buwule has produced a few short video messages. Click on the links below to watch.
Message 1 - Isaiah 41:10
Message 2 - Philippians 4:4-8
Message 3 - Luke 24:13-35
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Chat to Christians online about pandemic worries

A new Christian website has been set up to help people concerned about the pandemic and looking for hope.

The online Christian chatroom 'Chatnow', run by Counties evangelist Matt Rich in Cumbria, has seen a huge increase in the number of people seeking help over the last few weeks. So much so, that Matt decided to create a new specific website - www.CoronaVirusSupport.uk - to attract those looking for help, hope and live chat with the Coronavirus situation in mind. It has already seen over 1700 visits in the last week.
Decoding coronavirus: sin, judgement and (not) the end of the world

Worth a read

As we grapple with all the changes and unknowns brought on by the pandemic, it’s normal that our faith is tested and stretched in new ways. This article, written by Tearfund’s Dr Ruth Valerio and Gideon Heugh, explains how we as Christians can understand and respond to the coronavirus crisis.
2 Minute Twist

For younger children

'2 Minute Twist' The TV show, from West Midlands evangelist Paul Willmott. It can be watched Wednesdays at 4.50pm, on TBN UK, Sky 582 or Freeview Channel 65. Twist is a small puppet with some BIG questions about God and faith, his show is about encouraging families to talk faith at home.
Extra videos, Bible readings, games, faith questions and printable puzzle pages can be found here.
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Coronavirus: a Christ-centred response

Click here to read an article on the Evangelical Alliance website exploring how the church can witness to Jesus Christ amid the spread of the coronavirus.