New A Request for Volunteers to join the Church Welcome Hub for Ukrainian Refugees

Ukraine flag
Representatives from the Churches across Nailsea and Backwell are currently working together to set up a Welcome Hub to support Ukrainian Families and their UK Hosts. A Hub Co-ordinator is in place and is currently in discussions with North Somerset Council about working in partnership with them as well. There are already 9 such Hubs working in Bristol, and it’s hoped that we can share a lot of their expertise.

The Hub would like to encourage volunteers to link to a circle of support for each hosting family and to naturally get to know the Ukrainian women (mostly) and children involved. Language skills are not important but the wish to share and support in practical ways is all that’s needed. Tasks might range from ferrying and introducing them to appointments or social events with other Ukrainians, to showing them where to get the bus into Bristol to go shopping for Polish or Ukrainian food. Or from going for a walk to helping them attend language classes. Hosts and the Council will do the main official connections linking with schools, GP, job centre and benefits (if these are needed initially). We should note that Ukrainian people are very keen to earn their way and be as independent as possible but of course this will be more difficult for some, such as mothers with small children.

If you would like to find out more or, even better, get involved, please speak to Jill or Trevor.

New Paul Young Prayer Letter

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New Seafarers are being stranded far from home and in crisis

Sailors' Society
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New Edwin's Youth-work Adventures

Edwin Buwule
Hi guys, Edwin here!! I have a story to tell that i will share in bits.

I came to England as a Youthwork trainee with South West Youth Ministries based in Exeter. Southfield Church accepted to have me as a trainee in their community. Bonnie Jiles and Liz Pringle my fellow trainees were based at Holy Trinity church Nailsea so we could study well together and do schools work within the schools nearby.

Upon my arrival in Nailsea town, I was picked up by Martin Harris and taken to the Birch home, Taverners Walk. Martin Birch and Mary Birch hosted me. They were so kind to me inspite of having to understand my ways as a visiting African youth worker. The day I arrived in Nailsea was September 11 2000. A very sad day for the world as we saw the twin towers go down in flames having been hit by the Al-Qaeda terrorists. We sat with Martin and Mary over a beautiful welcoming warm meal and contemplated on the shocking sights of those planes crashing into the towers. I was later ushered into my warm room that became a home for me for a while. As I sat on my new bed, it occurred to me that my future had been greatly affected by that bombing. You see, I had plans to go visit a girl in the US with whom we served in Uganda under Compassion International. She had gone over to the US for studies. I truly fancied her and had secret thoughts of actually proposing to her when I managed to visit. All that was not to be as the US closed borders.

I truly thank Martin and Mary (RIP) who made me feel so much at home in Nailsea. The Harris home at Nailsea Park Road, was my chill out place! The door was always open to me go over and access internet, watch a movie, engage with the youths there. It was fun and so mind blowing. I was so welcoMed there too. The fun of sharing my culture with a bunch of English kids was awesome. Benjie the youngest of Martin and Angie Harris was so intrigued by my fizzy jet black hair. He kept passing his fingers over it and squirming in joy! I too was amazed at his very white hair! We struck it off as good friends with Josh who took me around Nailsea town showing me places where to find what ever I needed. We rode bikes around the town as I got to understand my surroundings. I often walked to the Southfield Church sanctuary and accustomed myself to it too. Laura and Chloe loved to listen to my African stories and guitar playing. We learnt songs like Yesu anjagala ( 'Jesus loves me' )and more. At the core of my heart, my passion was to know Christ and to make him known to all around me. As a young man coming from a rather needy back ground, I was faced with so many challenges and temptations. They ranged from quitting youth work and go live and do work in London, I thought to myself... I can't just do that, I have the call of God upon my life! My bestie Denis who was based in Devon had married a beautiful English gal called Lorraine. I thought they were really happy. A small voice kept prompting... maybe you could do the same and stay on for good in England. Faced with all these pressures, I often walked to the church about 8pm in the evenings. I had a key to the sanctuary and would silently let my self in. I would walk over to front, kneel down on the floor in the front row and travail before God the best way I knew how. Pouring my whole feelings out in prayer. I did this for most of the time I was staying at Martin and Mary's. The Lord always comforted me after these episodes with a sound peace of mind. It felt strange but assuring. Yes when you pray, God hears and empathizes with you. My favorite verse to-date I meditated upon was Isaiah 41:10:
Fear thou not; for I am with thee:
be not dismayed; for I am thy God:
I will strengthen thee;
yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

During those nights of prayer , I developed a faith of totally committing my concerns of life to God fully. God surely came through for me on one particular incident. You see, I am the eldest of all my siblings. My father had passed on in 1992 due to HIV AIDS, when I was in year six. My mother struggled to put food on the table and care for all of us single handedly. I vowed to help her whenever I could. Taking my siblings hands and leading them on in life for a better future was one of those acquired responsibilities when I was made heir to the family. My younger sister Brenda over in Uganda always called to ask if I could find her an opportunity to come to England and further her education for better chances to job openings. I could not do that while studying myself.
On this particular cold evening while on invite for a meal at the Leggett's house, Brenda calls me to tell me that she had been denied a visa to come to England. The reason was that she had no penny to her name and was such a liability and would possibly end up depending on government funds. Joyce and Dave my hosts listened intently as I spoke to her. They could hear the distraught voice on the other end of the line and could see my demeanor suddenly dumped due to the news. I went a bit quiet after hanging up, I thought of how low my account was for I only recieved £50 as my weekly upkeep. 'Edwin whats the matter?'Joyce asked. I shared with them everything and above all Brenda's need for a sponsor. Right, I'll help Brenda!' Joyce said. It was like a beam of heavenly light had been shone in my face! I called Brenda back and relayed the information. I was so excited. Yes Joyce and Dave gave me supporting information as Brenda's sponsors. After the meal I rode my bike back home to the Birch residence! I felt like I could fly off those wheels as I rode the stretch on Southfield Road. I later thanked God in my nightly prayer sessions in the sanctuary closet! Brenda came to England a few months later and came to visit and thank the Leggetts in person.

New Start Course, 11th May - 15th June

This course is similar to Alpha, but is completed in fewer weeks. If you know someone who would like to go along please invite them. It is fine for you to go with them.
Puddings, tea and coffee served 7:00 - 7:30pm. Literature will be handed to candidates at the first session. Start Course

LIFE Bible Bookshop

LIFE Bible Bookshop

'Ignite' magazine

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Do you have any spare empty egg boxes or carrier bags?

Egg boxes for the Foodbank
Nailsea Foodbank, which operates out of the church, currently provides fresh eggs for its clients. It is much more economical to buy the eggs without boxes. To do this they need a supply of empty egg boxes (ideally boxes for 6 eggs). If you have any that you can spare, they would love to have them. They would also appreciate any strong carrier bags that you no longer want. Both of these can be left in the green collection box, together with any food donations.