What is The Well?
The Well a community café, where you can drop in for a tea, coffee or delicious savouries and cakes.

It is a time to enjoy your drink and cake, to chat with others or to just enjoy a bit of ‘time out’.

Nailsea Foodbank runs from the lower hall at the same time, so foodbank donors can stay around for a cuppa if they wish and those collecting food parcels can enjoy some refreshments while they wait. Foodbank staff will be discrete so it won't be obvious who is collecting food.
Is it expensive?
The Well Café will operate on donations. This means it is free if things are a bit tight at the moment. But if you would like to make a donation, then we suggest £1 per item. If you are able to give a little more to support those who are unable to pay that would be greatly appreciated.
Why have we called our café ‘The Well’?
The Bible tells us of a day when Jesus was on a journey. It was hot and he rested by a well on the outskirts of a town. There was no bucket and the well was deep, so he had to wait.

Along came a woman to get water for her family and Jesus asked her for a drink. She drew some water for him and they started to talk. This was surprising because he was a Jew and she a Samaritan, they normally did not like each other – but that did not seem to be an issue that day.

Jesus was easy to talk to and she asked him lots of questions and explored their differences. She was a person with problems and it would seem she had no one to talk to, but this conversation changed that!

So ‘The Well’ is a place where conversations can take place and someone will listen.

Jesus offered her something in return for the water she had given him – Living Water – But she did not understand!

Jesus explained he was the Messiah, God’s Son. If she believed in him she could have this special gift – Eternal Life.

At first, she saw him as a prophet, but then as they talked, she realised he was something more. She was convinced he was who he said he was – The Messiah. She knew she could trust him and believed he was the Son of God and found a peace in her heart.

How about you? Are you troubled by world events or situations you are facing? We are here to listen and help if we can. Talking about issues helps us to see a way forward. We believe God loves you and cares for you as he does us.

You can read the full story in the Bible, St John’s Gospel chapter 4 and verses 1 - 26.