Southfield Church Live

Watch Southfield's Live Stream Every Sunday on YouTube

To watch live on YouTube click here or on the Southfield Church Live logo.

The stream will be available from just after 10:00am, although the programme will not start until 10:30am.

During the stream, if you are logged in to YouTube you can also contact us through the chat function.

Zoom "Coffee" - each Sunday after the service

To join the Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 711 4926 1249
Password: Coffee

New Playlist

A list of the songs (with video) that are suitable for streaming on YouTube can be accessed by clicking here.

The list includes most of the songs that have been used so far, and some which we plan to use at a later date.

Previous Week's Videos

The videos for previous weeks are also available on YouTube by clicking on the logo above.

Due to PRS licencing limitations we cannot include most songs in the saved video. Follow the links shown in the edited version of the live steam videos (or use the QR codes) to view the songs that were used.