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DateTitle ReadingSpeaker
Sunday 18th February 2018 John the Baptist arrives Luke 1:57-80 Paul Young
Sunday 11th February 2018 A big surprise Luke 1:26-56 Eric Barrett
Sunday 4th February 2018 An answer to prayer Luke 1:5-25 Graham Sparkes
Sunday 28th January 2018 A cry of faith Psalm 27:1-14 Graham Poland
Sunday 14th January 2018 A cry for deliverance from persecution Psalm 7:1-17 Neil Wylie
Sunday 7th January 2018 A cry for healing Psalm 6:1-10 Bob Clatworthy
Sunday 17th December 2017 The Praising Shepherds Luke 2:1-20 Ian Carr
Sunday 10th December 2017 Undesirable guests 3 John 1-14 Eric Smith
Sunday 3rd December 2017 Love one another with discernment 2 John:1-13 John M Molyneux
Sunday 26th November 2017 Final instructions Exodus 30:1-10 Peter Campbell