Southfield Church

Sunday 23rd September 2018

Our mission statement:
To build the body of Christ, to prepare us for His return, to proclaim and demonstrate His love in justice and kindness to our neighbouring community

We are continuing our studies in the gospel of Luke. Having looked at the early life of the Lord Jesus earlier this year we shall now go on to think about what the early stages of His ministry were like.

Today - 10:30am. Family Service with Communion
Jesus in Action
Dick Chamings
Led by
Bob Clatworthy
Janet Cowdery
Martin Birch
David Jones
Philip Carr
Alastair Carr
Join us afterwards for refreshments served by Eric and Kate Strachecky.
This Week
Monday 24th September
Ladies' Prayer Meeting at 15 Shipham Close
Tuesday 25th September
Prayer, Praise and Worship led by Martin Birch
Wednesday 26th September
Toddler Group
Women's Meeting: with Bobby Shannon
Thursday 27th September
Southfield Men’s Group: Work party at the church
Friday 28th September
STUFF for children aged 7 - 11
Southfield Men's Group
Thursday 27th September, 10:00am. Southfield Men's Group
Re-arranged work party at the church.
Last Sunday
Saturday 29th September, 7:00pm - 9:00pm, Farleigh Coombe Manor, 35 Church Lane, Backwell. 'Last Sunday'
Just to be confusing, next week's 'Last Sunday' will be on Saturday! It's a swimming social (although you can still come and chat if you don't want to swim). There's still a Bible focus - looking at the story of Namaan. Please let the leaders know if you're worried about your child's ability to swim, and please don't expect the youngsters to shower at the venue.

Back to the normal format in October meeting at Golden Valley School 5:00-6:00pm on the 28th!
Sunday 30th September, 6:30pm. IGNITE, Nailsea Baptist Church
Andrew Wilson, Regional Director of Christians Against Poverty will speak at the service. Followed by refreshments.
Photo by Emiel Molenaar on Unsplash
Saturday 6th October, 7:00pm. Harvest Line Dancing with ploughman’s supper
Adults £5, Children £3
Please sign up via Kin and Sarah or on the sign up sheet on the noticeboard in the foyer.
Wednesday 17th October, 2:30pm. Women's Meeting with Meg Atkinson
Meg Atkinson is a curate at RAF Brize Norton. She comes a long way, so the ladies would like to invite anyone who would be interested, male or female, to come and hear her. She is a lively character and always has a host of amusing stories to tell about life on the base. The format will be different to usual, with Meg on straight away, a break for a cup of tea, then Meg again.

It would be a good meeting to bring non Christians to as she shares her faith in a very gentle way through the stories.
Situation vacant!
Most people won't be aware that until she was taken into hospital, Teresa used to proof read this news sheet each week, before it was printed. Since then there has been a notable rise in the number of mistakes! If anybody is able to take on this role, please see Hazel. You just need a small amount of time on a Thursday evening. It can be done by email, so there is no need even to leave the house.
Next Sunday, 10:30am. Family Service with Communion
Jesus Calls
Roger Chilvers
Led by
David Jones
Martin Birch
Michael Allen
Hazel Carr
Stuart Moore
Tim Leong
Jane Holt and Bible Class
Mobile phones
Please remember to switch your mobile phone to silent.
Please send items to be included next week to by Thursday lunchtime. 01275 854575
A member of Evangelical Alliance and Christians Together in Nailsea and District