Southfield Church

Sunday 15th October 2017

Our mission statement: To build the body of Christ, to prepare us for His return, to proclaim and demonstrate His love in justice and kindness to our neighbouring community

During October, we are continuing our studies in Exodus.

Today - 10:30am. Family Service with Communion
Alan Thorpe
Led by
Roger Evans
Jane Holt
Bob Clatworthy
David Jones
Martin Birch
Philip Carr
Join us afterwards for refreshments served by Ed and Zoë Brown
This Week
Tuesday 17th October
Prayer, Praise and Worship is cancelled this week, as many will want to see the Riding Lights production 'Gospel Street' (see below)
Wednesday 18th October
Toddler Group
Women's Meeting with Chris Faull
Thursday 19th October
Southfield Men’s Group ‘Autumn colours’ walk/wet weather plan B (see below)
Pic 'n' Mix (for ladies): Tour of Tickenham Church
Friday 20th October
STUFF for children aged 7 - 11
Riding Lights
Tuesday 17th October, 7:30pm, Nailsea Methodist Church - 'Gospel Street', Riding Lights
Another generation is looking for answers – a rich young career woman, an angry gang leader, religious fanatics, activists, crooked bankers, a surprising refugee and the bloke who bought some seriously expensive jewellery. Despite their differences and social divisions, they want to meet one extraordinary person. Jesus has arrived on their street on the lookout for trouble – looking to do something about it.
Four young evangelists – two women, two men – piece together the startling story of what happened, just now, on that street. It’s a wild ride through issues of life, death and miraculous street food.

Details from To book tickets (£10/£8), call 01275 859473.
Southfield Men's Group
Thursday 19th October, 10:30am. Southfield Men's Group - ‘Autumn colours’ walk
Meet at church at 10.30 a.m. Lunch to follow.
(Plan B: If the weather is wet we will instead visit the John Wesley Chapel and museum in Broadmead. Museum entry £5 for seniors. The walk can be re-scheduled for Thursday 2nd November).
Pic 'n' Mix
Thursday 19th October, 1:45pm. Pic 'n' Mix (for ladies) - Tour of Tickenham Church
Leave Southfield at 1:45pm for a tour of the church followed by refreshments at the church. The sign-up sheet is on the notice board.
Sunday 3:16
Sunday 22nd October - Sunday 3:16
This event is suitable for adults (rather than young families). Please encourage friends to come along and be praying for this event. To sign people up please speak to or email Sarah and Kin.
Next Sunday, 10:30am. Family Service with Communion
Next Sunday, we look forward to a visit from Edwin Buwale (pictured here with his wife, Rhona who won't be with him). He will be giving a report on his work, and the format of the service will be slightly different to normal.

The Tabernacle and its contents
Peter Brind
Led by
Bob Clatworthy
Margaret Evans
Alex McIlhinney
Stuart Moore
Tim Leong
Neil and Karen Russell
Edwin Buwule
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